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Kangen Water Demonstration

A 10 minute view of the unique properties of Kangen Water

What Doctors are Saying about Kangen Water

Hear from medical doctors & naturopathic experts leading the path to health and wellness

Dr. Shinya - Colonocopies Before & After

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, was the pioneer in developing the technique to remove polyps from the colon non-invasively back in the last 1960's. 

Pro-Sports Nutritionist Explains Benefits for Faster Recovery with Athletes

Do you ever wonder what top athletes do to recover quicker? Shan Shratton, explains how Kangen Water may achieve that

​How a Yoga Studio Uses Kangen Water

See how you can help your clients continue their healthy journey in your wellness practice - whether it is a spa, yoga studio, or gym

How a Dentist is Incorporating Kangen Water in Their Office

Extend the wellness experience in your chiropractic, massage, or holistic health practice

Kangen Water in the Media